About This Blog

In my training as a scientist the first rules of experimentation were to observe, record and conclude. Through this blog I hope to apply that training to life – as if it were one big experiment – which some may argue it is.

Life, Loves and Living is devoted to all of the things that make life such a wondrous gift, all the things that we love, the people we love, and the people who love us, and the art, skill, luck and fortunes – good and bad – that influence our own ways of living.

This blog is about human nature, emotions, and passions. Sometimes serious, sometimes light hearted, occasionally irreverent, it will feature topics that range from rugby to politics, theology to theatre and motorcycles to fine dining.

I hope followers will be kind enough to leave their own musings on the topics I write about. Life is all about perspective, the more perspectives we have on a subject the more complete our understanding becomes.

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