The Limerick Challenge

Fellow blogger Sandra Conner has issued a Limerick challenge to help with her Poetry Writing class.

I thought it might be fun to participate, and while I am doubtful that all my attempts scan as perfectly as they should, here is my contribution:

On the challenge itself:

Limericks are hard to get right
Playing with words late in the night
When you get one on song
It’s not very long
Until the next comes right into sight

For the Europeans who changed to daylight saving at the weekend:

There once was a man who forgot
To reset his digital clock
It was fine for a while
But it made his friends smile
When he was late opening his shop

A couple of silly random ones:

There once was a girl in a field
Wearing shoes much too highly heeled
When she tried to walk through
She lost each fancy shoe
And onto her face she then keeled

There once was a man from France
Who made up a silly dance
It really caught on
And not before long
We all learnt the same strange prance

Take a look at Sandra’s page for more attempts, and follow her instructions to add more if you feel inclined!

5 thoughts on “The Limerick Challenge

  1. Not original, but I like it…..
    “There was a young woman from Ryde
    Who ate a sour apple and died
    The apple fermented
    Inside the lamented
    And made cider inside her inside”

    And another (not original either):
    “There was a poet from Japan
    Whose poetry was very hard to scan
    When asked why it was so
    He said ‘I don’t know,
    But perhaps because I try to fit as many words into the last line as I possibly can!”

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